Thursday, December 18, 2008

M.I.A. but im back now

Well, to start off i have missed all of you. My followers and guests to my page. I have been so busy with life that i haven't had time to sit down and type anything but here goes

One morning i received a phone call from the daycare about my youngest son Zamari. He had a temp of 101 at the daycare and needed to be picked up. This was strange to me because he acts totally different when he is sick and he wasn't showing any of those signs to me before i dropped him off that morning. So i rushed to the daycare to get him and bring him home to get some medicine. After a few hours had passed it was time for another dose. I got up to get the medicine and get him some juice. I gave him the cup and his body started jerking. He started crying and i immediately picked him up in my arms. I've seen a seizure before but was in denial that this was happening to my baby. I held him tight hoping that he just choked off the juice and would be okay, but he wasn't he started to have another seizure right in my arms. With my education in Medical Assisting i knew he was having a febrile seizure( his fever became too high, too fast) and i placed him on the chair till it was over. I was home alone with him at the time trying to remain calm and talk to the 911 operator. The seizure lasted maybe 2 minutes but it seemed like forever to me. His breathing became real shallow afterwards and i was so relieved to see the fire truck arrive. There was actually men up there that could help him out until the rescue squad arrived. He was taken to the emergency room and kept for a few hours until his fever was under control. He laid on the stretcher in my lap the whole night. He refused to let anyone take him out of my arms. My baby is only 2 yrs old and this happens. I found out from his doctor that he will be more susceptible to these each time he has a fever and also his kids will be too. I never knew till that day that i had the same thing when i was young which is the cause of this happening to him. 

This is him the morning after. The nose just wouldn't stop running. After a few minutes the poptart and lotion were smeared all over my couch. He's getting back to normal when that happens =)

So, im working so many hours at work to get the boys what they want for christmas and a few things i want too. We are moving in to a new building and things are hectic at the moment but im looking forward to the payoff in the end. Promise to post on a regular basis from now on and get the tag request posted soon. Bye!!

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