Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So glad i lived to see this moment

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This is one of the new icons on my myspace page. I have never been so proud to see this day in history. The headline on the front page of my local paper said " America picks Obama". I was so proud of this moment when i heard the news on television. I was working that night and voted early due to me working and i couldn't be more proud of the state of North Carolina. We finally turned into a blue state!! I have never seen an election that was used the internet like this one. I think this was a wise choice and one that helped me get a lot of friends to vote that never was interested in doing so. I sent out many texts and messages on facebook and myspace and encouraged all my friends on their to vote no matter who their choice was.  

My  five year old son told us that he voted for "Bo-bama" and he won by five points in his classroom and "Ba-cain" lost by two. He was so funny. I quickly told him the correct pronunciation and he repeated them exactly like he was supposed to. We told him that we also voted for Obama and that when he woke up the next day that he would see who his next president would be. Im glad that he had this opportunity to "vote" and be apart of something that is gonna affect his future. Obama is about change and im excited to see what he will accomplish in his four years in office. Maybe eight, who knows. 

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